• An open letter to @Telus

    Date: 2014.07.13 | Category: eBooks, Open letter | Tags: ,,

    Dear Telus:

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    telus logo (Photo credit: DennisSylvesterHurd)

    I have been a Telus Mobility customer on and off for the last 15 years, and most recently for the last three. I enjoy your coverage areas, and prices for tablets.

    But Telus, you and I aren’t going to be BFF’s much longer. I’m sorry, but it will probably have to change. Our relationship that is.


    I signed up for pre-authorized payments to my credit card. So my bill is paid in full, on time, every month. Not once have I ever been late with a payment.

    Apparently you decided that wasn’t good enough for you, and so now according to your email, you are going to charge my credit card 10 days in advance of the billing date.

    I don’t pay any bill that early. It’s rude for you to assume that I’d agree to that. And when I called to complain – I got nowhere. The manager who called me back refused to leave a callback number.

    So now I am going to shop for a new provider. Possibly Bell or Rogers. Maybe Wind because I know about the letter’s you’ve written to the CRTC opposing competition.

    So take this letter to heart, and change. Now. Before you die of old age. As a Pastor once said, “We’re all terminal.”


    Peter V. Tretter
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