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  • Why @GeorgianCollege needs to be held accountable.

    Date: 2013.02.28 | Category: Articles | Response: 0

    This is a Computer Fundamentals class taking a...

    This is a Computer Fundamentals class taking an exam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The good news is I passed the Investment Funds in Canada exam!!

    The bad news is I had a terrible experience after writing the exam at Barrie’s Georgian College.

    So after writing the exam, I was feeling pretty good. Proud of myself. I got in my car to leave, and stopped at the gate to pay my $5. The gate didn’t open. It didn’t like any of my coins. In fact there were other coins in the coin return. I tired all of them, then I pressed the button for the parking guy.

    First thing out of the guy’s mouth (over the intercom) is to try to accuse me of stealing. He did let me and my car go, and the money was left behind, but if the College had bothered to keep it’s equipment in top condition and/or up-to-date, none of this would have happened.

    But that’s not why I think Georgian College should be held accountable. Yes it was a shitty experience, so I wrote a letter to the Manager at the Parking Office. After a week I had no reply, so I sent a copy to the College’s Public Relations department, and after another week, still no reply.

    The Ontario Ombudsman has been lobbying the provincial government to gain authority to investigate the “MUSH” sector, which is colleges, universities and hospitals. Ontario is the only Canadian province where their Ombudsman CANNOT investigate this sector.

    It’s about time this changed, and about time the College replied to my letter.

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